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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the commonly asked questions that you might have on how to use the app. Please email to Support – Lead To Win! if your question is not answered below.

  1. What is the “Simplified Pipeline”? The simplified sales pipeline only has 4 stages – Lead (+), Prospect (!), Won (✔), and Lost (x). A pipeline with a lot of stages usually define activities as stages.
  2. Why do you need a Sales Pipeline? A sales pipeline allows you to manage contacts as you act of them – you can focus on the the leads that will result to probable wins and cull or discard those that may not be worth pursuing. The Dashboard will show you he “quality” of your pipeline.
  3. What are the main functionality of the app? The app tracks contacts and activities as they go through the sales pipeline. The Dashboard shows the quality of the pipeline in terms of the number of contacts, the number of activities with their status and their revenues.
  4. Where do the contacts on the Contacts ALL view come from? These contacts are taken from the device’s contacts database. Note that you may have setup multiple accounts from where the contacts are synchronised with. On the iPhone, please refer to to Settings, Contacts, Accounts.
  5. Why are the number of contacts and the number of records not the same on the Contacts view? The reason is that there may be duplicate contacts based on the name.
  6. What information is displayed on the rows on the Contacts All view? The following information is displayed if the contact is not in the pipeline yet (on the Contacts All view):
      – Name of the contact
      – Company (if no Company was setup, “No Company Setup” is displayed instead)
      – Notes from the Contacts database (if any)
      – Birthdate of the contact
      – The last activity or the next upcoming activity (from today if any exist)
  7. What information is displayed on the rows when a Contact is in the pipeline already? The following information is displayed if the contact is already in the pipeline (on the Contacts Lead, Prospect, Won, and Lost views):
      – Name of the contact
      – Opportunity, Stage and the Opportunity Value
      – The last activity or the next upcoming activity (from today if any exist)
  8. What information is displayed on the Activities view? The following information is displayed:
      – Name of the contact
      – Opportunity, Stage and the Opportunity Value or “Not in the Pipeline yet” if the contact is not in he pipeline yet
      – The last activity or the next upcoming activity (from today if any exist)
  9. What is the purpose of the Contact Pinned view? A salesman such as yourself typically will work on a set of contacts in a given week or for the next few days. “Pinning” a contact allows you to focus on this small subset of contacts. Once you’ve completed your planned activities for a contact, you can “unpin” it so it disappears from the Contact Pinned view.
  10. What are the number of contacts and the number of activities not the same on the Activities view? The reason is that a contact may have several activities, therefore the number of activities is at least equal or greater than the number of contacts.
  11. Why are some rows in color green? Rows whose text are in green indicate that those Contacts have activities for Today (in the Contacts view) or those Activities are happening Today (in the Activities view).
  12. What if I accidentally or unintentionally move a contact to the next stage? You can undo did by swiping from right to left on the row for that contact and tapping on “Revert Contact”. This action will remove the contact from the current pipeline stagealong with all the corresponding activities, and reinstate the contact on the previous pipeline stage.
  13. How do I edit a contact? To edit a contact, swipe on the appropriate row in any of the Contact views then tap no “Edit Contact”.
  14. Can I edit the Won and Lost details? Yes you can. Select either the Won or Lost view, go to the Lead Details page, then tap the  icon on the right of the Opportunity to display the Won or Lost details page.
  15. When doing a Search, how do I know if any records where found to satisfy the search criteria? On the Contacts view, you can check the number of contacts/records on the top-left corner of the page. While on the Activities page, you can check the number of contacts and activities on the top-left corner of the page.
  16. How do I get out of the Edit Contact dialog? Click Edit on the top-right corner of the screening then tap Cancel on the top-left corner of the screen.
  17. How many contacts can the app handle? The app can handle tens of thousands of contacts with a total of thousands of activities .
  18. How much space does the app occupy? The normal usage will require anywhere from 30mb to 50mb (with thousands of contacts and activities). A 10,000-contacts plus thousands of activities take less than 100mb.
  19. What happens if I update my device’s contacts database? Any update (or modification such as changing the phone number or the address) or adding a new contact will be reflected in the app. However, if a contact is deleted using the device’s Contacts app, that contact will not be deleted in the Lead To Win! app. That contact and all its Activities and data associated with that contact remain in the Lead To Win! database. However, you will not be able to call, send an SMS or email that contact since his details do not exist anymore.
  20. Is my data backed-up? The app does not have a distinct backup and restore function. To backup your data, please follow the normal process of backing-up your iPhone.
  21. What if I change the sort order in the Settings, Contacts, Sort order page, for example from “First, Last” to “Last, First”? The Contacts ALL view in the app will re-sort the contacts based on the latest setting. This sorting may take some time though if the nuer of contacts is in the thousands.
  22. Why is the minimum iOS version supported by the Lead To Win! 9.0? The Contacts framework in iOS has changed significantly in iOS 9.0. The previous Contacts framework (for iOS 8 version and prior to this) has been deprecated.
  23. What happens if I turn off access to the Contacts, Calendars, and Photo Library later on? If you do inadvertently turn off any of these authorisations, a message will pop-up to ask you to authorise the app to access them.
  24. What are the dates at the bottom of the Info pages? The Modified and Created dates indicate when the information was initially created and when it was last updated.
  25. How do I navigate through the Dashboards? You can tap the arrow buttons on the left and right edges of the page or you can swipe to the right or to the left.
  26. Why are the icons in the Toolbar disabled? The app becomes read-only if the subscription expires. You would still be able to view the contacts, activities and the dashboard, but you won’t be able to perform any action on the contacts.