Getting Started

Do the following steps to maximise the benefits from the Lead To Win! app.

  1. Setup the appropriate Accounts (via Settings, Contacts, Accounts) with which to synchronise your device’s contacts. A few examples of these accounts are Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo. NOTE: Once you start using the app, do not turn off contacts synchronisation with these accounts as the link to the Contacts database will be lost (Contacts IDs are re-created whenever accounts are synchronised).
  2. Define the set of Opportunities (Settings, Add and edit Opportunities) relevant and appropriate to your business/industry. Opportunities also drive the Dashboards.
  3. Purchase a subscription (Settings, Purchase Subscription) to get the full benefits from the app. A current subscription gives you a disruptive-free use of the app.
  4. Install updates as they become available to use new features and functionality.
  5. Send us an email at Support – Lead To Win!, if you have any question or to simply suggest how we can improve the app.
  6. Do not delete the app as this action will erase all of the Lead To Win’s data.
  7. Backup regularly using iTunes.